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Ernie and Los Jazz Vatos placed in several categories:

#1 Jazz Band of the Year - Los Jazz Vatos
#1 Drummer of the Year - Ernie Durawa
(and he also was a "Hall of Fame" winner)
#3 Horn Section - Los Jazz Vatos horns
#5 Album of the Year - Los Jazz Vatos
#5 Musician of the Year - Ernie Durawa
#10 Band of the Year - Los Jazz Vatos
#10 Website - Los Jazz Vatos
#19 Electric Guitar - Russ Scanlon

Infinite thanks to all the voters who pulled for us! We couldn't have done it without you!

Ernie Durawa wasn't convinced. Were the sets as good as they could've been? Judging from the throng on the big outer deck of Central Market, parents and toddlers grooving equally to the Latin-spiced swing of Los Jazz Vatos, si seņor, they were. Any live set from this grooving ensemble is a good one, which goes triple for the groups self-titled CD debut, as good a jazz side as Austin's seen. And it all begins with Chronicle cover/drummer boy Durawa, the humblest, sweetest guy ever.

Si seņor. - Raoul Hernandez


From the AUSTIN CHRONICLE, VOL.23, NO.18---
Los Jazz Vatos (Vague Ideas,) #4 in Raoul Hernandez' "Top 10 Austin" Los Jazz Vatos (Vague Ideas,) #2 in Jay Trachtenberg's "Texas Top 10's"

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Tracks and Sound Bytes
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Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

Agua de Beber

Home Cookin'

Ring Around the Moon

Chica Loca

Tres Palabras

Sho Nuff Did


My Favorite Things


All tunes arranged by Freddie Mendoza


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