CD Credits

Produced by Freddie Mendoza, Steven Vague, and Ernie Durawa

Mixed by Freddie Mendoza

Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova, Austin, TX

Cover image: copyright/ The National Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, Sweden.

Cover photo: Boris Kaplja.

Photography by Brenda Ladd

CD design: Melissa Grimes and

Engineered by Bobby Arnold and Pat Murray at Fire Station Studios, San Marcos, Texas on September 15 and 18, 2002.

Manufactured by EMA.


Special Thanks

In memory of Johnny Torrez, our number one supporter.

Ernie would like to thank: Jimmy Way - Drum Tech, Brook Mays Music, Steve Riskin and Rich Mangicaro of Paiste Cymbals, Pro-Mark, Fibes Drums, National Guitar Workshop, the boys in the band, Roy C. Knapp and Ironworks BBQ.

Special thanks to the ladies who stand by us: Melinda Vague, Ginger Shults, Melissa Santos, Sonal Bowness, Elaine Shortell, Karen Strot-Taylor and Marina McGehee.

Thanks to Roy Reyna for his assistance with the webpage design.

Thank you Richard--you made this all possible.

Russell would like to thank Buddy for his licks.

And mostly, thanks to God.




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